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  • The Tom-cademy Awards: The Only Awards Show Exclusively for Tom Cruise Movies

    The greatest non-Cruise work in the Cruise canon.

  • Playing the ‘What If?’ Game

    We turn to Dr. James Andrews to see if injury-plagued careers from the past could have been saved by modern medicine.

  • CC Sabathia

    CC Sabathia Loves Him Some Video Games

    When he’s not serving as the ace of the New York Yankees pitching rotation, CC Sabathia can usually be found at home battling his kids in whatever video game he can find. We had a chance to catch up with Sabathia to ask him about games, baseball, and more. What’s the game of choice in […]

  • Ray Rice, Torrey Smith

    Ray Rice and Torrey Smith Have a Call of Duty Score to Settle

    Super Bowl champions Ray Rice and Torrey Smith met at video game producer Treyarch’s studios in Santa Monica this week to settle an argument: Who would win in a Call of Duty: Black Ops II grudge match? Before they sat down to virtually duke it out on the just-released The Uprising DLC Map Pack (that’s […]

  • David Price

    Q&A: David Price Is Not Good at Baseball

    We recently got a chance to talk to Tampa Bay Rays ace (and 2012 Cy Young Award winner) David Price about MLB 2K13, having a dog named after a different American League team, and more. Your face is all over the place now courtesy of being on the cover of MLB 2K13. Are you a […]

  • Q&A: Roy Hibbert Will Kill You in Call of Duty Tonight

    Recently we got a chance to talk with Pacers center Roy Hibbert about getting ready for the NBA season, playing Call of Duty, and more. When you hear that LeBron James is working out with Kevin Durant, could you do that? Work out with guys on the Heat? Basically, do the fans care more than […]

  • We Went There: Cowboys vs. Giants

    You don’t have to like the Giants or the Cowboys to get excited about seeing them open the NFL season. Come on, it’s football. I’m sure after Prohibition, even the crappy booze tasted good. But when it comes to attending live sporting events I keep changing my mind, going back and forth between “Yes, I […]

  • Henry Hill’s True American Tale

    The life of Henry Hill as seen in the film Goodfellas is merely a snapshot of what would turn out to be a true American story: one of rags to riches, sin and redemption, full of flaws, and with a slice of Hollywood flair for good measure. I personally had the opportunity to get a […]

  • Today in Terrible YouTube Videos

    We interrupt the moment of joy that Red Sox Nation is feeling in the aftermath of the New York Yankees’ playoff exit to bring you what can only be described as the worst clip in the history of YouTube. That’s right, the worst. No exaggeration. (Eds note: Probably an exaggeration.) There are really no words […]