Q&A: Roy Hibbert Will Kill You in Call of Duty Tonight

Roy Hibbert

Recently we got a chance to talk with Pacers center Roy Hibbert about getting ready for the NBA season, playing Call of Duty, and more.

When you hear that LeBron James is working out with Kevin Durant, could you do that? Work out with guys on the Heat? Basically, do the fans care more than the players?

Guys do it in a lot of places, like Los Angeles, Miami. Last summer I had the opportunity to work with Tim Duncan. It’s more common than you think. Personally, I couldn’t do it, because whenever I work out with someone, I’m trying to study their tendencies so I can beat them next time I play them. LeBron and Durant hang out all the time; fans are loyal and they get a little upset when they hear those things, but they need to realize that both are pushing each other really hard to be better.

How much will this Pacers team miss Larry Bird?

He brought us all together, and he’s going to be missed. He was at every practice and he gave me plenty of advice. I mean, not a lot, he’s a man of few words. Right now he’s relaxing in some cornfield.

Congratulations on your new contract, but did you really stay in Indiana so you wouldn’t have to change your Hoya2aPacer Twitter handle?

Hoya2aPacer2aBlazer, right? No one would follow that. But I’m happy to be in Indiana, very appreciative of the situation, and I am all about Indy.

You’re a huge Call of Duty fan. Are you a co-op guy where you just play with your friends, or more of the lone wolf that enters a random game and start messing people up?

I’m more of the lone wolf. I go on there and come onto a random game. I take it real serious. I have a whole room fully dedicated to playing games. Special chair on the ground with the speakers in it. The whole thing.

Do you ever let anyone know they are playing Roy Hibbert?

If I see someone with a gamer tag saying they’re fans of the Bulls or the Heat I will trash-talk them and make it known I don’t like them, but I don’t let them know who I am. If I do, I have to change my gamer tag pretty fast. Once I tweeted it out and people came online and start talking smack to me pretty bad.

The day the new Call of Duty comes out, November 13, the Pacers play at home against the Raptors. Should we not start you on our fantasy teams that day?

No way. Play me. That’s what we have rookies for. I’ll just be, “Hey, rook, here’s $60, go get the game.” Or send a ball boy. Our arena is right next to a mall, so someone can run and get it no problem. It’s the away games that are a problem. You get home at 4 a.m. and you’re all amped up and you say you’re just going to play one game. Then all of a sudden it’s 9 or 10 a.m. and you’re about to be late for the shootaround. You can definitely get lost in it.

What’s your weapon of choice, and do you play with any other guys in the league?

I usually go with the PP90M1 and make sure I get the extended mag as well — the whole clip. That way, what I lack in accuracy I make up for in speed. And I play with my pal George Hill, Brandon Rush, a few other guys once in a while. Thing is how serious it can get. I met a guy online from IGN who does game reviews — we talk and play games. He showed me how people break down the games with strategy and compete. You would never think something like this would be that organized.

Last question: Who wins the 2013 NBA title? How many games? Over which team?

Oh, the Indiana Pacers. No doubt. We’ll probably beat Oklahoma City. The Lakers won’t be ready yet. We’ll need six games to do it.

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