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  • Kerry Collins

    The Colts’ Not-So-Remarkable Plan for Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter

    Great, now we’re going to have to put up with the Great Kerry Collins Un-Retirement Watch every August until the end of time. We finally get Brett Favre’s career put in the ground, and you job us like this, Kerry? And you, Indianapolis Colts. This was your contingency plan in case Peyton Manning missed time? […]

  • Pryor

    The Definitive Grantland NFL Supplemental Mock Draft

    Here at Grantland, we’re suffering from the same affliction that’s sweeping the rest of the nation: NFL supplemental draft fever! Yes, the NFL lockout delayed the beloved midsummer tradition, and the league had to figure out Terrelle Pryor’s eligibility before our big day, but now it’s finally here. It’s time for teams to get their […]

  • Eli Manning

    The Numbers Don’t Eli: Comparing Manning and Brady

    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning drew some heat this week for saying that he considers himself to be in the same class as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Some have been quick to pillory Manning for his self-aggrandizing remarks, but was Eli really all that far off the mark in comparing himself to Brady? Maybe […]

  • White House

    Welcome to the White House

    The Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers are visiting the White House on Friday in what’s become a standard part of American sports’ post-title victory laps. The visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW has become so commonplace that fans barely even notice it anymore. So how did this tradition start in the first place?

  • Chad Ochocinco

    Ochocinco is the George Lopez of the NFL

    So Chad Ochocinco is going to stay with a fan for the first few weeks of the season? How shocking! Wait. “Shocking” isn’t the right word. “Predictable” is a better choice. How predictable!

  • Alex Rodriguez

    A-Rod and Spider-Man Are (ALLEGEDLY) Just a Couple Regular Dudes, OK?

    Between the righteous indignation over Alex Rodriguez’s alleged involvement in illegal gambling and the countervailing righteous indignation over Major League Baseball’s alleged anger about the situation, we’re all missing the most hilarious part of this story: picturing A-Rod playing poker with Tobey Maguire. Would anyone legitimately be surprised if this story was true? Of course […]

  • Billy Hunter

    Lockout Watch: ‘Billy Hunter is a Downer’ Edition

    Remember the NBA? That was great! Now all we have to pay attention to is the lockout. To make sense of it all, we’ve brought in Ethan Trex for a feature we’re calling Lockout Watch. Earlier this week, National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter said he expects the entire upcoming season to be […]

  • David Stern

    Lockout Watch: ‘I’ll See You in Court’ Edition

    Remember the NBA? That was great! Now all we have to pay attention to is the lockout. To make sense of it all, we’ve brought in Ethan Trex for a feature we’re calling Lockout Watch. We’ve been waiting for over a month now for the triumphant return of David Stern’s lockout beard from the NBA’s […]

  • The NFL’s Most Interesting Man?

    This weekend was full of surprising NFL news, but nothing was as shocking as Brandon Marshall’s unlikely ascension to the title of The NFL’s Most Interesting Man. Before publicly disclosing that he suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Marshall was seen quite differently, and was sometimes thought of as a bit of a troublemaker. By […]

  • Moseley

    Mark Moseley and the 1982 NFL Season: A Case Study in Weird

    There’s something fundamentally absurd about a place-kicker being named MVP. It’s like a setup man winning the Cy Young, or Ashton Kutcher winning anything. Yet that’s exactly what happened after the strike-shortened 1982 NFL season, when Washington Redskins place-kicker Mark Moseley took home the Associated Press’ NFL MVP honor. He remains the only kicker to […]