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  • RazzieWatch: Back in the Golden Raspberry Saddle

    Hello, RazzieWatchers! Sorry this dispatch is late. It turns out they don’t have Wi-Fi in the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, which is where I was taken by ambulance on February 25 to undergo open-heart surgery. They haven’t released me yet, but I got a friend to smuggle me my BlackBerry and I’m typing this RazzieWatch […]

  • Nicolas Cage

    Holy GameChangers, Batman! The Razzies Turn Awards Season Upside Down

    Last night John Wilson of the the Golden Raspberry Foundation shook up awards season something fierce — and in the process demonstrated why he’s the canniest awards-show producer in America! Just one day before the Razzie nominations were due to be announced, Wilson proclaimed that the Razzie Awards will be pushed back five weeks. Nominations […]

  • Adam Sandler


    Holy Effing Ess!!! It is only four days until the 2012 Golden Raspberry nominations are released in Hollywood, California! Even as we write, Head RAZZberry John Wilson is collecting ballots (including our own!) and tallying votes for the world’s greatest and most important awards show. You know what that means: It’s time for our final […]

  • RazzieWatch! An Interview With Head RAZZberry John Wilson!!!!

    With Golden Raspberry ballots out to voting members and the nominations less than a week away, stars’ Razzie hopes rest with one man: bearded impresario John Wilson, who started the Razzies 31 years ago and has been running them ever since. Wilson was gracious enough to take time out of his incredibly busy schedule to […]

  • Freida Pinto, Jude Law & Sean Penn

    RazzieWatch: For Your Consideration! Bad Actors in Good Movies

    RazzieWatch Important Editorial Note! John Wilson has contacted RazzieWatch worried that casual readers might believe that RazzieWatch speaks with the authoritative voice of the Golden Raspberry organization! When we finished picking our jaws off the floor — the Head RAZZberry emailed us!!! — we of course agreed to his requests that we make it clear […]

  • Chipmunks

    RazzieWatch: Inside the Hot-N-Heavy Razzie Campaigns!

    That’s a wrap for 2011, folks! With December well underway we’ve got a good sense of pretty much every movie that’s going to be a player in this year’s Razzie ceremony. Now all that’s left is the bitter, cut-throat, no-holds-barred campaigning. Of course, for Razzie fans, the campaigns — waged by the big personalities we’ve […]

  • December Razzie Odds: Can Iron Lady, We Bought a Zoo, or New Year’s Eve Go All the Way?

    Welcome to December, RazzieWatchers! We’re in the home stretch. We have to say, this is the most exciting Razzie season in years — every time we think a movie’s a shoo-in, something else comes along that’s even worse! Last week saw the bloody, violent birth of Razzie heavyweight Breaking Dawn, Part 1 — seemingly a […]

  • Can Jack and Jill Break the All-Time Razzie Record?

    Well, Razzie lovers, things just got interesting, didn’t they? All year, we’ve been disappointed by the movies we thought might be Razzie contenders. Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Coulda been worse. Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Frustratingly good. J. Edgar? Despised by some, not all. It’s enough to make veteran Razzie gurus like […]

  • Clint Eastwood

    RazzieWatch: Clint Eastwood Is Due

    We’ve all seen it happen in awards show after awards show. Some grizzled veteran or much-nominated actress finally wins an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, after years of disappointment — for work that’s maybe just a leeeeeetle bit subpar. It’s why Kate Winslet won an Oscar for The Reader, not Eternal Sunshine. It’s why Mary […]

  • RazzieWatch: Will the Razzies’ Bias Against Foreign Movies Cost Johnny English Reborn Worst Picture?

    This Friday, Universal will release a movie that bears all the hallmarks of a Razzie contender. It’s a sequel to a movie that no one particularly liked the first time around. Its trailer features multiple crotch shots, wan jokes, and scenes of characters being hit in the face. It even has its fair share of […]

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