The Trenchie Awards: J.J. Watt Is Your God Now (A GIF Tribute)

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images JJ Watt

Watching back through this week’s games, I did the best I could to single out a few guys whose performances I hadn’t yet mentioned this season. Calais Campbell was everywhere in the Cardinals’ win. Muhammad Wilkerson is the Jets’ only saving grace. Brandon Graham keeps showing why the Eagles traded Justin Babin. Each had one of his better games of the season, but I still couldn’t help feeling that it all seemed a bit dishonest.

This post was supposed to be an appreciation for the best in offensive and defensive line play each Sunday, and if that’s what it is, then no one really mattered this week except J.J. Watt. I’ve said just about everything I can about Watt this season, and that’s why this time, I’m not saying anything. Here, simply, are the five best moments from Watt’s 10-tackle, three-sack Sunday afternoon. Just take it all in, people. We’re watching something here.

(All .GIFs by HeyBelinda)

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