Video: Ichiro Comes to America in 1995

IchiroIn honor of Ichiro Suzuki’s move to the New York Yankees, let’s take a trip in the way-back machine and watch his first promotional trip to America in December 1995.

(If you’re not sitting down, I’d do so right now. These videos are everything.)

Here’s the clip where Ichiro wore an L.A. Dodgers jacket and giggled and told Tommy Lasorda he hit his first home run off of Hideo Nomo and then proceeded to play father-son catch with Tommy Lasorda.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro and Tommy Lasorda did drills, all while Ichiro is wearing shpants — and then later on, he rode a horse.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro rode in a red convertible through Beverly Hills and then went on the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro went to a Mighty Ducks game, blew the duck whistle, and then went to Cincinnati wearing a Tom and Jerry sweater and had dinner with Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. at a Hibachi Grill and then shook Junior Griffey’s son’s hand, right before they traded jerseys.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro wore his other Tom and Jerry sweater to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse in Chicago and then ordered food and then ate it.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro looks at Air Jordans and then misses 14 straight shots before making one while wearing his Tom and Jerry sweater again, and then gets in a car and sees a really creepy mural of Michael Jordan.

Here’s the clip where Ichiro goes to the Bulls’ practice facility and sees Michael Jordan and then is asked if he’s bigger than Michael Jordan in Japan, and then goes to a Christmas dinner and learns how to cut a turkey.


Welcome to New York, Ichi. I don’t know about Seattleites, but we’ve all been waiting on Tom and Jerry gear to make a comeback. We couldn’t be more excited.

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