The Trenches NFL Podcast: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam

Brandon MarshallThis week’s podcast started with mixed emotions. For as much joy as I had for Ephraim attending his good friend Chester Pitts’s wedding, it just wasn’t the same without him in the studio. Colors just seemed less bright, ya know?

We powered through though, and after asking what the vibe was like in Houston following Monday’s loss, we talked some J.J. Watt, Vince Wilfork, the uniquely developed games of the league’s young pass rushers, and the dearly departed Cam Cameron. But mostly, we talked about the Dirty Bird. Inspired by this week’s great touchdown celebrations, I asked Ephraim about his all-time favorites, totally forgetting his time with the famed 1998 Falcons. You’ll hear the heartbreak in my voice when I learn he never Dirty Bird–ed — mostly because that means there’s no video.

Listen to this podcast here.

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