‘Like Me, Rick Adelman Is a Handsome Man’

The Timberwolves, especially before Ricky Rubio went down with a season-ending knee injury, were one of the most exciting and entertaining young teams in the NBA. Assuming the Spanish maestro comes back next season to join the double-double machine that is Kevin Love, the walking Direwolf that is Nik Pekovic, the high-flying antics of Anthony Randolph and Derrick Williams and, of course, Michael Beasley (who doesn’t know what his own leg feels like), you could safely say that Timberwolves season tickets pretty much sell themselves.

So shout out to the T-Wolves sales team for getting a little weird with these two ads. Someone over there likes some Mystery Science Theater 3000. And lightly taking shots at Mark Cuban. Hat tip to IAmAGM for this.

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