We’re Not Sure If What Jeremy Evans Did to Ronny Turiaf Is Legal

Let’s start by saying some kind words about Ronny Turiaf. Whether on the Lakers, Warriors, Knicks, Wizards, Heat, or now the Clippers, he’s always been a hard-working, enthusiastic Wookie who seems content to wave rally towels and heave his barrel chest into any nearby opponent. He appears to be a fine teammate, and one who was even rumored to be Kobe Bryant’s friend for a brief stint — or at least in that commercial in which Bryant jumps over an imaginary Aston Martin. Such wonderful qualities aside, this clip from last night’s preseason game between Turiaf’s Clippers and the Jazz might contain the most disrespectful back-to-back sequence since Requiem for a Dream. Here, Jeremy Evans, last year’s dunk contest winner, pikes Ronny’s sad jumper to half court and then adds insult to insult by mashing a dunk on his braided dome in transition. To Turiaf’s credit, how many players even have the heart to get humiliated on both sides of the court within a five-second period? Good gracious, this is bad.

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