Grantland Network Podcast: The Jalen Rose Show

Jalen Rose came back for Week 2 of the Jalen Rose Show. We would definitely have to retitle the podcast if he didn’t.

Athletes never realize how cool their stories are. In Friday’s podcast, Jalen nonchalantly talks about how NBA athletes don’t actually have tons of groupies at their hotels, mentions that Mike D’Antoni doesn’t coach defense, and describes Charles Oakley smacking Charles Barkley during the 1998–99 lockout. He thinks Charles Oakley open-hand smacking Charles Barkley is no big deal. He is very wrong.

We also argued over Tim “greatest quarterback in NFL history” Tebow, talked about why ladies with a love of the spotlight date NBA players, and determined that the Hawks get at least six or seven wins a season simply because Atlanta is a fun town. Over the course of the pod, we broke into song three or four times. I know that last one is weird, but so is the Jalen Rose Podcast. Good weird.


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