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Iman ShumpertNo overreacting! That was the rule that Jalen and I set for today’s podcast. It is shortsighted to write off a team after a Game 1 loss in a series. Remember after Game 1 of the NBA Finals last year? Admit it, you thought the Heat were going to win the whole thing. We all know how that played out. One thing that will never change about the NBA playoffs is that in a matter of minutes, a comeback, an injury, or a suspension can drastically change a series. Today on the podcast, Jalen addressed how all of those momentum-shifting events have already altered Round 1 of the NBA playoffs, and we looked ahead to the rest of the week.

Oh yeah, we also did the whole singing of B.I.G. songs, calling out NBA analysts, and talking about Kanye and Kim … you know, the usual Jalen Rose Show thing.

Listen to Monday’s podcast here.

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