Dirk Is 10th on the All-Time Scoring List; Celebrate With Lil Pooh’s ‘Dirk’


I discovered two important things last night. First, there are depths of my soul that can only be awoken by Dirk Nowitzki doing incredible things like becoming the 10th-highest scorer in NBA history.

Second, it turns out I’m not the only one “on that Dirk shit.” Meet Darryl Stinnette, a.k.a. Lil Pooh, a.k.a. LP, a rapper and creator of precious gems from Dallas. Now, I seem to be running out of ways to gush over Dirk, so having this jam in my back pocket forever is an absolute godsend. Also, can we get the Grammys to wake the hell up and add a “Best NBA-Related Rap Hook” category? It’s only April and we already have two solid gold joints with this song and the heavy favorite, “Fuck KD.”

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