YouTube Hall of Fame: Kid Nation

Yesterday, NBC released its mid-season schedule on which the charming, abysmally rated Community is nowhere to be found. The network says the show will return, but it’s unclear when or for how long (presumably none of this bodes well for a fourth season). While we await official word, this week’s YouTube Hall of Fame remembers the TV shows that were cancelled before their time.

My personal pick: CBS’s reality show Kid Nation, which ran for thirteen episodes in 2007. The premise was simple (and awesome): Forty children between the ages of 8 and 15 were left to fend for themselves in a New Mexican ghost town. Without any adult supervision, they were asked to prepare their own food, clean up after themselves, and form a functional government, competing each week for “gold stars,” which came with prizes like toothbrushes and outhouses. Hilarious controversy ensued, though, when one kid burned her face on a stove and a few others drank bleach that had been left in an unmarked soda bottle. Even though nobody died, CBS pulled the plug. My feelings on Kid Nation are already a matter of public record, but I’ll share them again anyway: Kid Nation was the greatest reality show of all time. Watch the above clip, in which the kids slaughter chickens, fight over who should make breakfast, and troubleshoot a minor plumbing problem (“You don’t realize how important water is until you learn the hard way”). Please, CBS, bring this show back.

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