‘Wolves’ Trailer: Finally, a Movie About Werewolves!

OK! So: It’s Friday Night Lights meets Teen Wolf meets True Blood Minus Vampires meets a fleeting motorcycle-second of the “Bound 2” video meets Twilight (Werewolves-Only Mix). With Khal Drogo as Joe “Alcide” Manganiello. Does that about cover it? Oh, and all these tags from the YouTube page:

“wolves” “wolves trailer” 2014 horror action “David Hayter” “Jason Momoa” “Lucas Till” “Stephen McHattie” “coming of age” murder orphan creature warewolf teenager transform clan vchan


Seriously, though: Who wouldn’t watch Friday Night Werewolf Lights? Just give us that movie. It opens with Jason Street getting his head caved in by a snarling werebacker. It ends with WB2 scrambling for a touchdown (while ripping out the throats of every defensive player from Beacon Hills High on the way to the end zone). The middle part writes itself.  Sssshhh. We’re watching it right now, in a MindTube window.

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