Weird Horse Oddly Silent on Luck Cancellation

Twitter @WeirdHorse

We’re not sure what we expected Weird Horse, Twitter’s leading demented philosopher-steed, to say about the unexpected cancellation of Luck precipitated by the unfortunate deaths of three of his equine brethren, but we were vaguely hoping for some kind of spiritual guidance during this difficult time. Yes, he’s generally opaque in his musings, leaving us to interpret his intent like a pile of steaming entrails before a cataract-blinded oracle, so we could conceivably take last night’s “Staring off into space, neighing” as a melancholy contemplation of those three unfortunate horses’ sacrifice to Art, and “Just spat a gobstopper at a goose” as a mourning-fueled displacement of existential rage. But it’s impossible to know whether he’s in deep denial or whether Baffled Farmer hasn’t even told him the news yet, so let’s instead choose to meditate upon “trot that trot” as sage encouragement to slowly and mindfully gallop on in the face of tragedy, taking our comfort where we can get it.

Thanks for the perspective, you magnificent, deranged beast.

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