Watch George R.R. Martin Throw Out the First Pitch at a Minor League Game

[milbvideo id=”33732823″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

Booooooooooo, get back to typewriter and finish the boooooooooks! The show’s gonna catch youuuuuu! You throw like a guy with one giant golden hand! Booooooooo! You couldn’t hit your dad on the shitter from 3 feet away, Martin! Why didn’t they uuuuuussee your ending on the showwwwww??? Love your woorrrrrrk, it is a precious gift to all of ussssss even if we often lose sight of that fact with our selfish desirrrrrrrrrres!!! Boooooooo! The Mets could probably use youuuuu!!! Boooooo!!!

[Source: MLB]


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