Want More ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’? Of Course You Zou Bisou Bi-Do! [Gunshot]

We’ve found no reliable way to extract Megan Draper’s insidious French earworm from our ravaged auditory canals this morning; the best we’ve been able to manage is to merely replace it with the sound of the original version, by Gillian Hills, featured above. We realize this is a terrible solution to the problem (is it actually even a problem? OK, yes. Yes it is), but at least for the moment we’ve finally found something strong enough to drown out “Party Rock Anthem.” Oh, and fully aware of “Zou Bisou Bisou”‘s horrible, undeniable power, AMC dropped the song onto iTunes last night, and is also offering it on two different colors of vinyl, because: of course they did. Matthew Weiner will not rest until he’s conquered the entire world. Get out of our minds, Matthew Weiner.

Also: If you’re not a Mad Men fan, this really isn’t going to be your day. Better luck tomorrow.

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