Trailers of the Week: Carnage, Scorsese’s George Harrison Doc, and Jack and Jill

Headed to the movie theater this weekend? Here are the new trailers you’ll miss while waiting in line for popcorn.
George Harrison: Living in the Material World (October 5)

Martin Scorsese’s new doc, an intimate portrait of quiet Beatle George Harrison. It’s clear from this trailer that he got all the right folks to sit and talk — Ringo and Sir Paul for the early years, Clapton and Petty for the life after the mania, and Monty Python’s Eric Idle for his foray into cinema.

Carnage (December 16)

Roman Polanski adapts the award-winning stage play God of Carnage for the screen, with a prestigious cast — Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly — who boast four Oscars and 11 nominations among them.

The Artist (November 23)

Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist was the talk of this year’s Cannes Film Festival and tells the story of George Valentin, a 1920s movie star who contemplates his professional fate with the advent of “talkies. The film itself is silent and in black and white — a risk, but based on this lively trailer, one that appears to be worth taking.

Weekend (September 23)

The trailer for Andrew Haigh’s Weekend may give away most of the film’s plot — it’s about two men whose one-night stand turns into an entire weekend — but it hints at a clearly defined tone and potentially poignant experience. The film won the Audience Award for Emerging Visions at the South by Southwest, and if the moments selected for the trailer are any indication, the performances by newcomers Tom Cullen and Chris New look like strong ones.

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star (September 9)

Nick Swardson has appeared in eight films Adam Sandler movies. With Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, Sandler (who’s credited as writer and producer) returns the favor, giving Swardson his own staring vehicle. The conceit: After finding out his parents were porn stars, a simple, earnest guy heads out to L.A. to follow in their footsteps. The jokes, including punny porn names (Miles Deep), bugs getting caught in oversized teeth while driving, and of course a small “unit” are regrettably conventional.

The Lady (TBD)

Luc Besson takes a rare break from producing another B-level action movies (The Transporter series, Taken, Columbiana), returning to the director’s chair with The Lady. The film follows the struggles of real life Burmease activist Suu Kyi whose politics and protests cost her her family and a prison sentence. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but gives a decent glimpse at Michelle Yeoh in the lead role. Should be interesting.

Dragonslayer (TBD)

Every shot in the engrossing trailer for Tristan Patterson’s skateboarding doc Dragonslayer is infused with a sense of anarchy and youthful exuberance. The doc was Grand Jury Award Winner at this past year’s South by Southwest and was also awarded Best International Feature at the 2011 Hot Docs.

Jack and Jill (November 11)

The common reaction to the first Jack and Jill trailer was that it seemed like a film Sandler’s character in Funny People would have starred in. This new international trailer will not disabuse you of that notion, especially not the part where Jill accidentally destroys Pacino’s Oscar.

Blackthorn (October 7)

In Blackthorn, a presumed-dead Butch Cassidy journeys through Boliva in an attempt to return home. The always-grizzled Sam Shepard playing the role of the legendary cowboy, and the mix of stark landscapes and lush jungles, give this film a Leone feel.

Tyrannosaur (TBD)

Paddy Considine takes his BAFTA-winning short film Dog Altogether and expands it to feature length with Tyrannosaur. Considine is best known for his acting (Hot Fuzz and In America), but appears to have learned a thing-or-two about directing. Plus, he’s assembled a superb cast of British character actors led by Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman, and Eddie Marsan.

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