The Right Reasons Podcast: The Challenge; Eat, Drink, Love; and More

Eat Drink LoveAfter a few weeks of partying with the Amish and going deep into cable’s offerings, we went back to our roots. The Challenge’s Wes delivered the kind of soliloquy that can’t be ignored, and thus we spent 25 minutes discussing this week’s episode. Keep this video about Wes’s start-up incubator open. After that, we dived into a new guilty pleasure from an old friend, Eat, Drink, Love on Bravo. Did you know that certain snacks could be categorized as “white trash”? About 44 minutes in, we moved on to our weird watches, news (including a Lamar Odom update), and non-reality news of the week.

Don’t be alarmed when you hear the sweet sounds of Ol’ Dirty Bastard welcoming you to the Right Reasons podcast. You’re in the right place.

Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter.
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