The Miley Cyrus–Britney Spears Singularity Looms Closer Than Ever With the Leak of ‘SMS (Bangerz)’

That #hannahmontanaisdead flow from Mike WiLL Made It’s “23” rampages all over “SMS (Bangerz)” — the closest thing to a title track from Miley Cyrus’s imminent album, Bangerz — and it’s aided and abetted by one Britney J. Spears. With the leak swamp-monster audio quality (linked here if the video goes dead), it’s tough discerning when we’re hearing Britney, bitch versus Miley, bitch, but whatevs: It’s as catchy and partyable as everything we’ve heard from Miley WiLL Twerkedit this year.

A few thoughts for the Cyruspiracy theorists out there: Did a few drops of “Push It” DNA spill into “SMS (Bangerz)”? Miley has called on MC Hammer, Lil’ Kim, and Naughty by Nature as reference points recently — surely Salt-N-Pepa’s number was up next? And what if the marshy sound isn’t leak-oriented but rather Miley’s idea of how “hood music” should be mixed? AND what if there’s a secret bonus track where Miley actually got Britney to join her in lyricizing about the art of getting super-duper-show-up-on-TMZ-the-next-morning-level stoned?

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