The Last Stand Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ready to Start Shooting the Big Guns Again

In a logical move, Lionsgate, the studio behind tomorrow’s presumptively weekend-exploding Expendables 2, has just released the trailer for Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s post-Governatorial, solo comeback vehicle. (A vehicle, it seems, that’s got a giant cow-catcher A-Teamed to the front bumper as it hurtles toward a January 2013 release. But we digress.) It makes perfect sense to tie Stand to Expendables 2‘s release given Schwarzenegger’s prominent role in the latter; it would feel like promotional malpractice to do otherwise.

Still, this feels like a betrayal. (Betrayal is a strong word, but strong feelings demand strong words.) Yes, Expendables is an ensemble piece, and a rising tide of freshly spilled blood lifts all high-speed gunboats. But make no mistake: This is Sly’s weekend. Let him have his moment. Anyone can show up for a couple of scenes, gnaw the butt of a Cohiba, and belch out a greatest-hits catchphrase through a cloud of smoke. It takes someone with the eye of the tiger to sling nearly a dozen broken-down action stars on his back and carry them to glory. It’s not about you today, Arnold, it’s about the guy who brought you here.

(Pretty good trailer, though. We’d see that. “I’m old.” He is old! Then BOOM!, shit blows up. It’s got everything!)

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