The Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Mark Harris’ Oscar Wrap-up, Emma Stone, Awake, and More

It’s a special edition of the podcast as Chris Ryan and I invite Mark Harris, Grantland’s esteemed Oscarmetrician, into the studio to postmortem Sunday night’s DOA ceremony. Mark shared his insight into behind-the-scenes award horsetrading, the enduring power of Harvey Weinstein, the canned uplift of The Artist, and why it’s never a bad thing to give a statue to Meryl Streep. He also answered big- (motion) picture questions about whether cinema has ceded its cultural primacy to the meth-cooking savages of television and which actor is a shoo-in for gold in 2012. (Hint: One of the stars of 21 Jump Street should probably clear some space on the mantle.)

After 30 minutes, Mark fled to a deserted island that doesn’t allow Blu-ray players. In his absence Chris and I talked Emma Stone, the great new NBC series Awake and Chris’ upcoming move across the country and inevitable transformation into a Hollywood insider. Enjoy!

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