The Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: 2012 in TV With Chuck Klosterman

It seems only fitting that as the first year of the Hollywood Prospectus podcast comes to a close, Chris Ryan and I would spend some time discussing our first (and maybe best?) topic: television. For this look back at what was big on the small screen in 2012, Chris and I were happy to welcome our old pal Chuck Klosterman into the studio. Together we discussed the best shows of the year (Mad Men? Game of Thrones?) and the most memorable moments (the great Albuquerque train robbery? Rando Girls dancing to Robyn?). With Chuck around, it was also time to tackle the tough questions, including: Is it possible to think of TV characters like friends? Have debates about plausibility ruined the fun of channel-surfing forever? And is it humanly possible for us to have more to say about Homeland? Skip karate practice if you have to, Chris Brody. This is one worth listening to.

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