The Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: Wesley Morris and Alex Pappademas on James Franco, Pam Grier, Beck, and More

James Franco in 'Spring Breakers'Welcome to the inaugural Do You Like Prince Movies? podcast. Why are we calling it that? We’ll never tell. But we do like living in a world where it’s OK to walk up to somebody at a party and ask that. This week we’re also asking Why Does James Franco Fail to Annoy Us? What is it about Pam Grier that continues to karate-chop our hearts? And did Beck help pave the way for our current hip-hop/soul authenticity crisis? If we’re being honest, only three of those questions really gets answered, but listen to the whole thing and find out which ones they are.

Love, A & W

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Alex Pappademas is a staff writer for Grantland.