The Andy Greenwald Podcast: Jeff Garlin

Todd Oren/Getty Images for Mediaplacement Actor Jeff Garlin

For more than two decades, Jeff Garlin has been one of America’s funniest working comedians. But he’s also been one of comedy’s most generous and dependable listeners: as Larry David’s put-upon manager/sidekick on Curb Your Enthusiasm, as a sounding board and director for many of his peers (including Jon Stewart and Denis Leary), and, recently, as the host of his own excellent, digressive podcast. Since September, Garlin has been starring on The Goldbergs, ABC’s salty-sweet ’80s sitcom, as Murray, the pants-averse paterfamilias. Garlin joined me on the phone from L.A. for an enjoyable conversation about all the usual hilarious topics: failure, inner peace, and the lost art of beard stroking. (There was also plenty of talk about the backstage life of a stand-up, Garlin’s relentness drive, and the as-yet-unwritten future of Curb.) Why not drop trou and give it a listen?

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