‘Parenthood’ Cry of the Week: You’re Not Weird!

This week’s episode is “The Offer,” most explicitly referring to the offer Zeek and Camille received for their house, even though it wasn’t on the market. This story line is as unexciting as the episode title itself, so let’s move on to what matters: the tears.

Prepare the tissues, because you’ll be furious and sad

Let’s talk about Drew. We joked that perhaps he should discover his own inner EDM DJ when he started college. We did not recommend that he become an indie singer-songwriter whose music could be played on Parenthood. Amber is already a singer-songwriter. We’re not looking for a family band here.

Prepare the tissues, because you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness

Perhaps I am biased, as the self-proclaimed president of the Hank fan club, but Sarah is definitely sending him some mixed messages. She takes his advice to heart and breaks up with Carl. She works out of his studio and rambles on about her insecurities. Of course Hank is confused! His attempts to console her evolved into a massage, which did not seem too relaxing anyway. I was relieved when Hank finally told her their relationship wasn’t working for him. Unfortunately, he backpedaled by episode’s end.

Cry Moment of the Week runner-up

In Julia and Joel’s ongoing fighting and separation, Sydney has become the emotional barometer. We know things are bad when she loses it. This week, Joel tries to assuage Victor’s abandonment issues by giving him an iPhone. He went for the 5c in blue, in case you were wondering. Victor won’t stop texting at the dinner table, which leads to a fight with Sydney. Ultimately, she blames Victor for Joel and Julia’s problems, and it’s surprising this hasn’t happened already, since it seems like an obvious sequence of events to viewers. The most heartbreaking moment from this scene was not Syd turning on her brother or Julia struggling to maintain order. Rather, the scene ends with Julia dragging Sydney away, and the sound drops out as the camera pulls back. We see Sydney in hysterics, but we hear only the maudlin instrumental music. The lack of sound or indie music made the end of the scene especially jarring.

Cry Moment of the Week kill shot

Max Braverman’s Asperger syndrome has become a given on this show. His issues remain central to many story lines, but the focus is on how he, Kristina, and Adam deal live with the challenges. Adam’s and Kristina’s growth as characters is tied to how they have learned to cope. This week’s episode saw Max go on an overnight school field trip to Sacramento, and he had a meltdown we did not see. We only got the aftermath — him immovable on the floor of the hotel lobby, and in the backseat of the car driving home with his parents. As Max slowly explains what happened to provoke his tantrum, Kristina and Adam are distraught and powerless. It’s impossible to not feel everyone’s pain.

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