Mirror Mirror Trailer: Because You Demanded Another Snow White Movie

Woof! Last night we got our first look at Mirror Mirror, one of two highly unanticipated 2012 Snow White movies, and not since the trailer for Jack and Jill has the Internet pooped on anything with such righteous fury. While Snow White and the Huntsman is selling itself as a deadly serious Nolan-esque fantasy eyesore, Mirror shoots for broad comedy, with a bunch of stale jokes that go down like poisoned apples. It stars Phil Collins’ daughter as Snow White, Julia Roberts as a queen who can’t decide on an accent (it changes at least a dozen times in these two minutes), Nathan Lane as some kind of poorly wigged manservant, a Scarface-quoting dwarf, and prince Armie Hammer, doing everything he can to make us forget about both of his performances in The Social Network. The director behind this mess is Tarsem Singh, whose previous bad movies have at least looked good; Mirror looks like it was shot over a weekend in a bathroom at Caesars Palace. Stay tuned for more coverage of this upcoming release in Grantland’s RazzieWatch, presumably!

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