Watch Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Destroy a Microsoft Store, As He Should (UPDATED)

Watch this video, and then let me explain to you who is really at fault:

The protagonist in this short film is Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Obviously hyping himself up for future BET Awards scuffles (this happened last Friday), he got a little emotional at his in-house performance at the Microsoft Store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Sure, he said things like:

“Fuck these computers and shit, MGK’s in this bitch”

Referring to the computers manufactured by the company that is hosting him and, presumably, paying him. And yes, his hopping from table to table was slightly rude, reminiscent of this:

Except it wasn’t an awards show and instead of dancing, he stomped out “at least five computers.” But, to quote this video’s director of photography, “WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS GONNA HAPPEN?”

Exactly. Which is why Microsoft is 100 percent at fault for the events that took place in their store on Friday. Here’s why.

For starters, I’ve been to that exact Microsoft Store and let me tell you, there is no bigger copycat ripoff of a venue than what the Microsoft Store has done to the Apple Store. It’s like when Vanilla Ice added that extra beat to “Under Pressure” and it became a completely different song. Yes, exactly like that. It’s like the designer took a picture of the Apple Store (that it shares a mall with, just to be clear), used a different Instagram filter, and then from that image made the Microsoft Store. Just look:

I bring all this up just to give context to what MGK said, probably upon realizing he wasn’t in the Apple store:

“Fuck these computers and shit, MGK in this bitch.”

Well said, Mr. Gun Kelly.

Also, in addition to being complete biters, who did you think you were booking, Microsoft? If you wanted Michael McDonald, then call Michael McDonald. Don’t get mad and then cut off his music before he’s done, you’re the one that invited him. Did anyone ever Google Bing him?

Either one of those options is probably not ideal for a family-friendly Microsoft Store copycat event.

So bravo to you, Machine Gun Kelly, for maintaining your reputation as a wild boy and sticking it to the man that is Microsoft. Now, if we could just get the rapper to tell us his thoughts on Apple Maps

UPDATE: While the writer’s opinion on the design of the Microsoft Store still stands, the event in question was not hosted by the store or the company itself, but by The Source magazine. An official statement from a Microsoft Store spokesman:

“On Sept. 28, The Source held a private event at the Microsoft Lenox Square Store. We offer our stores as a venue for the community to use, and this event was not sponsored by Microsoft. While the artist’s behavior was appropriate for a concert, some of it was not appropriate in a store environment. Please contact The Source for further information on the event itself.”

Blame shifted back to Machine Gun Kelly. Apologies to Microsoft for the misinformation reported.

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