Lightning Round: Tony Soprano Is Not Dead

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Do you like mystery and ambiguity? Have you achieved some level of acceptance and moved on with your life since the famously open-ended 2007 finale of The Sopranos, arguably our greatest modern television show? Well, TOO BAD! David Chase has finally caved to the incessant questioning around that notorious cut to black, and when asked once again (this time by Vox) whether Tony Soprano is dead, he answered in no uncertain (yet typically surly) terms: “No, he isn’t.” Well, there you have it! Is this the worst thing a creator has ever retroactively declared about their creation? Do people still seriously care about this? Are we being trolled? Lightning round, go:

Bill Barnwell: Oh, wow. This is big news. I can’t believe David Chase finally spilled the beans! After all this time, I’ve finally come to grips and found a peace with the ending to my favori— shit, wait, what happened to the Russian? Come back, David! Stop ducking the question!

Zach Dionne: Sad day. We, the Internet, have ruined one of the greatest endings of all time. This is why we can’t have nice, ambiguous things.

Alex Pappademas: “Please don’t write about this,” Chase told me. What could he have meant by that? It was so ambiguous. Classic Chase!

Steven Hyden: My only consolation is that Chase didn’t say this to Chris Hardwick.

John Lopez: Tony Soprano’s not dead — but he IS a replicant!

Emily Yoshida: Tony Soprano’s not dead — but he IS an angel!

Jason Concepcion: I responded to the finale of The Sopranos by wondering if my cable had gone out. I’ve gone late on a few cable bills in my time, I admit, and so, after it became apparent that my cable had not, in fact, been cut off, I spent the next few months and years not wanting to think about the finale because it reminded me of how expensive cable is.

Brian Phillips: David Chase doesn’t get to decide whether Tony Soprano is dead or not.

Yoshida: Let’s be real, though, the Vox journalist — and by extension, every journalist and fan who has ever asked Chase this question — is as responsible for this retroactive balloon-popping as Chase is. Chase has a right to be annoyed. He also has a right to make up bullshit just to get everyone to shut up (which I’m telling myself was the move here). Tony’s alive. Tony’s not alive. The Russian’s alive. The Russian’s not alive. You didn’t read that interview, you ate a burger. Everything is everything.

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