Let’s All Appreciate the Renegade Artistry of a Breathtaking ‘True Detective’ Bootleg DVD Cover



Like any great work of art — and this piece might even surpass the admittedly lofty aesthetic achievements of the show itself — it’s best to just sit before this bootleg DVD cover in prolonged silence, taking it all in. Don’t ruin it with words, or with attempts to immediately understand it, or with snide comments that might reveal your ignorance of what you’re seeing. Appreciate the canvas as a whole, and then gradually allow yourself to notice the grace notes as they emerge from the background: the Eiffel Tower, the proud Sphinx, the random conflagrations, the pirouetting bird, the conspicuous Rust Cohle head-swap collage, the tantalizing promise of AMAZING PERFORM, FULL FRONTAL ACTION. Walk away and come back. Clear your head, take a deep breath. You have touched darkness, and darkness has in turn touched you.

Look again. Now you see it. The perform is indeed amazing, the darkness full frontal. Marty and Rust, Louisiana Gothic, firearms instead of pitchforks. Light up a cigarette as the night sky swirls quietly above you.

And then look again.

[Reddit via Warming Glow]


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