Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Skyfall, The Walking Dead, and Homeland

SkyfallIt’s Election Day in America, and Chris and I are feeling shaken and stirred. So of course we turned our minds to the only logical subject: James Bond. To celebrate this Friday’s release of Skyfall — a movie neither of us has seen — we did a deep dive into a bucket of martinis, discussing our favorite flicks out of the almost two dozen 007 adventures (1:30). (Turns out some of the early ones might have been just a teensy bit racist!) With the Aston Martin purring in the garage, we then took leave of Her Majesty’s secret service and headed instead to Georgia’s most savage prison. This week’s The Walking Dead (20:09) gave us what may have been its most horrific death yet, and unsurprisingly, gore aficianado Chris was more into it than I was. Finally, it was time to strap on our exploding vests and examine a slower episode of Homeland (30:45), albeit one that still featured jackbooted thugs and a gunfight in rural Pennsylvania. As citizens of the Hollywood Prospectus Republic, there are only two things we ask of you: to vote and to reject deep-dish pizza in all its sinister forms. Salute!

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