Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Mid-’00s Hip-Hop, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and The Passage

HomelandThis week on the Hollywood Prospectus Podcast, we’re going east, young men and women. Andy and I, both having seen Silver Linings Playbook (don’t worry, we don’t talk about it) (but go see it!) have some brotherly love pumping in our hearts (3:30). The film is set in Philadelphia, in the weeks between Halloween and Christmas, and Andy I were nostalgic for our Thanksgiving breaks back in our hometown. So we decided to make a Spotify playlist celebrating the mid-’00s hip-hop that soundtracked so many of those trips home. We talked a little about why this was such a special time for rap music, salute the glory that is hip-hop one-hit wonders, and talk a little about the Philly premier of the dystopian Brad Pitt flick Twelve Monkeys. Nostalgia is in the house.

We get back to regularly scheduled programming with a whip-around through Sunday-night TV. I am kind of out on Homeland (19:35), and when it comes to The Walking Dead (29:45), Andy is wandering around in the forest covered in zombie entrails.

We wrapped up the pod with the beginning of our long-promised deep dive on the first two books of Justin Cronin’s post-apocalypic vampire trilogy. (Wait, ladies! Come back!) This week we examined the wonder that is The Passage (40:35), and next week we’ll be discussing the second book, The Twelve, on next week’s show. So put on your reading glasses, make a stuffing sandwich, and fire up the Shawty Lo. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

(Check out the Spotify playlist below.)

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