Grantland Exclusive: The Challenge ‘Battle of the Seasons’ Preview Clip

There are a few of us at Grantland who take MTV’s The Challenge VERY seriously. Look, I get it, it isn’t for everybody, and there are going to be a lot of you who couldn’t care less about this 68 seconds of exclusive footage from tonight’s premiere episode. This clip isn’t for you. This clip is for everyone who can’t wait until tonight to hear someone, 100 percent serious, yell, “Go, Trishelle, you got it!” There is something calming about the all-too-familiar sight of Under Armour–clad alcopsychoholics employing misguided strategy as they are suspended over a body of water. And all the while Friend of Grantland T.J. Lavin looks on with his trademark smirk. Happy Challengoliday!

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David Jacoby is an ESPN producer who somehow became a writer and editor for Grantland.

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