Girls in Hoodies Podcast: The Bling Ring, This Is the End, and Rape Jokes

The Bling RingOnce we get our obligatory Yeezus reactions out of the way (if you need Molly this summer, you can find her cruising down the PCH blasting “On Sight”), It’s time to dig into two of this past weekend’s releases, The Bling Ring and This Is the End. We take apart the privilege and problematic points of view in both, and Emily finally gets her longstanding Sofia Coppola haterade off her chest (cash prize to whoever can find Emily’s original Lost in Translation LiveJournal screed).

The rape humor and gay panic in The End gets us talking about the long-running rape-joke debate that has been simmering for months now on the Internet. We throw in our two cents on why the argument is nearly impossible to settle but still immensely important to be conscientious of.

Two notes: We referred to the nonfictional version of the The Bling Ring‘s Rebecca as Katie Chang — that’s the actress’s name; Rachel Lee was the real-life perp. And the Alexis Neiers Vice interview we refer to in the pod (and highly recommend) can be found here.

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