Game of Thrones Nuptial Spectacular! Read the New York Times Red Wedding Announcement and Hire the Wedding Band From Craigslist!

HBO The Red Wedding

Still reeling from the Shocking Events of Sunday Night? We are too. It seems like the only thing we can talk about.

And yet we’re not quite done processing it all. So let’s take a few moments to examine some supplemental material from that terrible night to help make sense of what we all experienced. Below, find the New York Times wedding announcement for the fateful union, and the Craiglist ad for the band that strummed its lutes and banged its drums as the blood flowed. The North remembers … what it reads in the paper and on community message boards.

Game of Thrones Wedding Announcement 3 - Netw3rk


Game of Thrones Wedding Band - Netw3rk

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