Finally, the Game of Thrones Throne Could Be Yours!

Iron ThroneThere was a time when a slavishly authentic Galactic Empire Storm Trooper costume was such a highly prized, inaccessible pop culture collectible that its purchase became a punchline/marker of wealth for sitcom characters like Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother) and Monica’s boyfriend Pete (guest star Jon Favreau on Friends). But now that any jerk who ever had a thousand dollars to rub together can buy one off Amazon (though, be warned, it’s not Prime-eligible), the price of ultra-fandom has gone up. A lot.

Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times ArtsBeat blog reports that HBO can now sell you a replica of the titular furniture from Game of Thrones! (Finally, a seat fit to replace my horn chair! I mean, I still like it, but I feel like it might be responsible for the slightly cow-y smell in my study.) Before you shell out for it, though, here are a few things to consider.

• It’s probably not appropriate for households with children or pets or anyone who’s kind of clumsy: Even though it’s not made of steel, it still features lots of pointy bits.

• It weighs around 350 pounds, so think really hard about where you want to put it, because you probably won’t feel like moving it around much.

• It’s $30,000.

The original throne was the centerpiece of the show’s ad campaign last season, so for HBO to make this piece of memorabilia available to fans makes sense and is a good start as far as Game of Thrones collectibles go, but I’m going to wait until the network starts selling dragons.

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