Eastbound & Drago

This season, Kenny Powers met his match in Russian pitcher Ivan Dochenko (played by Ike Barinholtz), a mulleted young punk who throws heat and pumps raves. Ivan seems like an obvious callback to Rocky IV‘s Russian villain Ivan Drago. Here is a series of videos devoted to Drago and the man who played him, Dolph Lundgren. He must break you.

“I fight all my life and I never lose.”

Log Cabin Training Montage Tribute

“Nature … it’s really amazing. Planets, the elements, wind, water, life, and death. Unpredictable yet somehow in balance.”

Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko channeling Ivan Drago on ESPN.

Dolph Lundgren karate chops a stack of ice blocks.

From Dolph Lundgren’s Maximum Potential workout.

Ivan Drago (Produced by Detroit Red)

“If he dies. He dies.”

Action figure remake of Rocky IV.

Dolph Lundgren doing “A Little Less Conversation” on a Swedish variety show.

Ivan Drago Rules! USSR!

The Rocky IV trailer re-cut into a gay romance.


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