‘Do You Like Prince Movies?’ Podcast: ‘Tangerine’ and the Song of the Summer


This week, Alex and Wesley continue their summer-jam safari with new songs by Beck, Chvrches, and the Weeknd. Wesley’s all in. Alex explains why he’s only two-thirds of the way in. Then it’s on to Deee-Lite’s World Clique, which turns 25 next month. It still sounds great. It feels as if it’s responsible for an avenue of popular music that we still use. Plus: This week’s jam is a Parliament song that shares Fred Wesley and Bootsy Collins, both of whom are partially responsible for “Groove Is in the Heart.”

Finally: Sean Baker’s Tangerine, the greatest comedy about transgender prostitutes and an Armenian cab driver in Los Angeles you’ll ever see.

But first, Alex and Wesley open the show with a correction. Last week, Wesley spent a Trainwreck conversation crediting Alison Lohman with Brie Larson’s performance as Amy Schumer’s sister. Thanks to everybody who wrote in or tweeted in complaint. Also: Alex and Wesley forgot to lament the pitiful showing of The Knick among the Emmy nominees and thank Jim Cunningham for helping produce Prince Movies. Their bad, and thanks, Jim.

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Here are links to topics discussed in this week’s show:

Songs of the Summer
Dreams,” Beck, 2015
Leave a Trace,” Chvrches, 2015
Can’t Feel My Face,” The Weeknd, 2015
Can’t Feel My Face,” Tom Cruise, lip-synching on The Tonight Show, 2015
World Clique, Deee-Lite, 1990

From Ziggy to Stardust: How James Ransone Shed His Iconic ‘Wire’ Character and Broke Out,” Grantland, July 14, 2015
Sundance Diary, Days 1-4: Exploitation Blues,” Grantland, January 26, 2015
Interview: Sean Baker,” Film Comment, July 8, 2015

Jam of the Week
Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples,” 1975, Parliament

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