‘Do You Like Prince Movies?’ Podcast: ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Ex Machina,’ and ‘While We’re Young’


This week, Alex and Wesley begin a conversation about Netflix’s pretty good Daredevil series by sharing their misgivings with binge-watching. It’s often gluttonous and a total disservice to the way TV is made. 

Then it’s on to Ex Machina, a perfectly watchable thriller about killer AI that is far more interested in atmosphere and sex bots than in the psychological profile of the men who create them. That said, Oscar Isaac is great as the movie’s Dr. Funkenstein.

Also: Noah Baumbach has a new comedy, While We’re Young, in which middle-aged Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts develop crushes on Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried, who are young and cool and take far too seriously all the cultural stuff that the old couple took for granted when it was popular — or just normal. Wesley thinks the movie’s smart. Alex agrees but wishes it were funnier.

The jam this week leads to a quick chat about the many virtues of Lenny Kravitz, whose artistry remains unappreciated. Did you know he put an album out last year?

Listen to the podcast here.

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Jam of the Week
The Chamber,” Lenny Kravitz, 2014

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