Be Delighted and Amazed by This Video Using 295 Movie Clips to Perform ‘Baby Got Back’

At about the the two-minute mark in this video that uses 295 movie clips to reconstruct “Baby Got Back,” there’s a moment of delicious tension right before the “anaconda” lyric. “Ohhhhh, here comes Jennifer Lopez screaming “Anaconda!”* from Anaconda! I bet they’re going to use Anaconda right now, that would be so perfect and obvious! I can’t wait!!!” Then they don’t use Anaconda, and you realize that you are dealing with some higher-level supercut thinking. Also, your wallet is gone. This video is good. Just watch it.

[*No idea if Jennifer Lopez actually screams “Anaconda!” in Anaconda, but it seems like she must have; it’s definitely the kind of movie in which someone’s going to scream the name of the titular monster at some point. Maybe it was Ice Cube.]

[DonDraperSaysWhat via laughingsquid]

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