All the Information You Need to Determine If Eddie Murphy's 'Red Light' Is a Joke or Not

YouTube Eddie Murphy, "Red Light"

Eddie Murphy is a comedian.

Eddie Murphy also likes to sing.

Sometimes, Eddie Murphy likes to sing in his comedy.

But is there comedy in his singing? We just don’t know. Because, you know, he’s a comedian.

These things are important, because yesterday, a verified Twitter account called @eddiemurphy unleashed its first tweet.

The link is to the SoundCloud page for Eddie Murphy Music. On it, there is a song by Eddie Murphy called “Red Light.” And it features Snoop Lion.

Comedy? Serious? It’s tough, right? More information:

The song is reggae, Eddie is holding a guitar that he most certainly plays with Weezy proficiency, and he’s wearing a do-rag.

Comedy? Serious? I know, it’s getting harder to tell. More information:

The song isn’t bad.

But that doesn’t matter. All that matters is wasting your time deciding if he’s being serious or pulling a fast one on all of us.

Because, lest we forget, this reggae angle isn’t new for Eddie.

You be the judge.

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