Afternoon Links: The Ongoing Bat Affleck Fallout

Ben AffleckMan, you guys (the Internet) are brutal. As soon as the word got out that Ben Affleck had been cast as the new Batman, everyone reacted with the kind of horror usually reserved for, you know, real news. Director Zack Snyder spoke of Affleck’s “acting chops” and “charm,” and you haters can only talk about Gigli. As Variety points out, remember how much you hated the idea of Michael Keaton as Gotham’s rich bat-eared hero? I’m not saying R. Kelly wouldn’t make a great Batman, but give Affleck a chance (and hold onto the hope that Damon will be his Robin, though I guess I always ’shipped them in the opposite roles despite the color of their hair). He’s never going to come out of his bat cave if this negativity continues, and the movie will wind up being like a comic book Waiting for Godot (great pitch, actually — no stealsies).

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