Afternoon Links: The First (Speculative) Man of Steel 2 Trailer Appears, Starring Ben Batfleck and Lex Cranston

YouTube user solyentbrak1 stared into his crystal ball and asked for a glimpse of the year 2015. “You get a minute fifty-five,” said the crystal ball, “what would you like to see?” Solyentbrak1 thought about it: Perhaps he’d like to flip through a few digital front pages, check out a White House press conference or peek in on the stock market, maybe memorize the Powerball numbers. No, no, none of those would do. “Crystal ball,” said Solyentbrak1, “show me the trailer for Man of Steel 2, which will surely feature Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Ben Affleck as Batman.” And so he watched, and saw the trailer, and then asked the crystal ball if he could show it to the world. “No,” said the crystal ball, “you must painstakingly re-create it from your memory using footage from Breaking Bad, The Haunting, and State of Play.” And so he did.

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