Afternoon Links: Louis C.K. on Loneliness and Cell Phones

Last night on Conan, O’Brien’s old buddy Louis C.K. stopped by to reminisce about working together on Late Night back in the day, failing to pick up Gwyneth Paltrow at a Christmas party, and why he won’t let his daughters have cell phones. Was it because he was afraid they’d turn into morally bankrupt adults who would promise to pay homeless people to stand in the iPhone line for them, then leave said homeless people unpaid and stranded? No, that’s just an added bonus: It’s because phones strip us of our ability to “just sit there, like this [sits there]. That’s being a person, right?” Learning to deal with that “empty — forever empty” phoneless feeling not only prepares you to handle your own inescapable loneliness, it gives you the kind of armor that will keep you from texting and driving. Everyone wins, except his daughter’s phone Scrabble ELO ratings.


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