Afternoon Links: Look on This New Breaking Bad Trailer, Ye Methy, and Get AMPED

In the new teaser for the final season of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White recites Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias.” Go bleak or go home, that’s the dusty desert way. The new season premieres on August 11, so you have just enough time to get yourself to a mental place where you won’t kill yourself because of vast landscapes of sand and rock and themes of mortality, evil, and fuckin’ Skyler. Just mainline the pop tunes and think about sea turtles or something. Bank up the giggles. Batten down the ha-has. Cling to “life preserver” Saul Goodman. Maybe drink a lot — that’s the best defense against the “lone and level sands” that lie before us.

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