Afternoon Links: Julian Assange’s Senate Dreams, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas Bare All

Julian AssangeThere may be a WikiLeaks political party, and Julian Assange plans to run for Senate in 2013. “Mr Assange hopes that WikiLeaks’ internet presence, which includes a Twitter account with nearly 1.7 million followers and a Facebook page with more than 2.1 million “likes”, and the formation of ”friends of WikiLeaks” groups would mobilise Australian supporters,” says the Sydney Morning Herald (at smh dot com, so I can’t help but conclude that they’re all shaking their heads over lines like “2.1 million ‘likes’”). The newspaper’s poll shows 72 percent of readers would vote for Assange, which would be great because SNL needs the material.

  • Billy Campbell, Brett Sexton, and Michelle Forbes have been killed off of The Killing.
  • Matt Damon consents to nudity to play Liberace’s (Michael Douglas) lover in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra, which is the silliest title ever. Behind the CandeLOLbra.
  • Susan Rice has removed her name from consideration for Secretary of State, but let’s get back to the real, important news: Britney Spears’s dog Hannah is tweeting things that make me want to go back to bed and never wake up because I’m too embarrassed to keep living in this world.
  • Opinions about the Gawker–Lena Dunham feud have started rolling in after Gawker posted excerpts of Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl proposal (they later removed it when Dunham threatened legal action, replacing the excerpts with one-liners and commentary like “the quoted sentence demonstrates, by way of a blithe and effortless reference to her mother’s domestic service-provider, that Dunham exists in a navel-gazing bubble of privilege where one’s mother simply has a nutritionist”).
  • A teenage Hans Christian Andersen may have been responsible for a six-page story about a “lonely candle.” “The text is not at the level of the more mature fairy tales that we know from Andersen’s later writing,” says a senior curator at the Hans Christian Anderson museum, but it still sounds like a PRETTY THRILLING TALE!

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