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Grantland’s Super Bowl Coverage

All of the week's stories about the big game in Indianapolis.

Searching for Silver Linings in Indianapolis

By Bill Simmons
Super Bowl XLVI left the Sports Guy with no other choice but to try to look on the bright side of life.

Let’s Hand Out Grantland’s Super Bowl Commercial Awards!

By Mark Lisanti
Clint Eastwood, America and the rest of the ads from the big game.

I Was a Super Bowl Virgin

By Jane Leavy
A veteran writer’s very first time.

Draw It Up: Super Bowl Edition

By Chris Brown
A look at the two biggest plays of Super Bowl Sunday.

The Fabulous and the Flops of the Super Bowl

By Bill Barnwell
Instead of dwelling on the negatives, our football guy looks at three Giants who came up big.

The Fearless Super Bowl Recap

By Bill Barnwell
The success of Eli Manning, not the failure of the Patriots, will be the legacy of Super Bowl XLVI.

The Half-in-the-Bag Super Bag

By Bill Simmons
The Sports Guy goes old-school with his inbox to get through his trip to Indy and referring to himself in the third person.

The Fearless Super Bowl Breakdown

By Bill Barnwell
The Giants and Patriots have played before, but the latest episode won’t be like anything we’ve seen.

Super Bowl Over/Unders

By Erin Rynning
Looking at the smart bet on Sunday’s point total.

B.S. Report: Two-Part Super Bowl Podcast

By Bill Simmons
The Sports Guy broadcasts from Indy with Mike Lombardi, his buddy House and Adam Schefter.

The 10 Best Super Bowls in Trivia History

By Ken Jennings
A Jeopardy! super-champion breaks it down

All the Prop Bets Fit to Print

By Bill Barnwell
From overtime to Madonna’s hair, there are plenty of opportunities to throw your money around on Super Bowl Sunday.

Life Lessons From the Media Day Quagmire

By Bill Barnwell
Super Bowl Media Day continues to eat itself.

Partial List of Things That Will Be at the Super Bowl

By Amos Barshad
A Football, Beer Commercials, M.I.A.

YouTube HOF: Super Bowl Commercials

By Grantland Staff
The best and worst from the big game.

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