Video: The Trenches Podcast, NFL Draft Edition

Courtesy of Grantland Channel Ephraim Salaam

The NFL draft is here, and Ephraim Salaam and I decided to celebrate the occasion with a special edition of the Trenches. We started off with some talk about the Darrelle Revis and Percy Harvin trades, but from there it was all draft all the time. We discussed some of the top tackles available, how their draft spots might affect the rest of the first round, when teams would start talking themselves into this year’s group of quarterbacks, and what sort of dynamic offensive players have become coveted throughout the league. And as a bonus, there’s video!

Here, Ephraim discusses the challenges of first-round, rookie tackles in the NFL, including his early experience with Duane Brown.

And here, it’s me and my sweater making crazy predictions about four first-round quarterbacks and also trying to figure out why Tavon Austin has become the most sought-after player in the draft.

To listen to the whole podcast, click here, and make sure to subscribe to the Grantland Network on iTunes, and check out our podcasts page.

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