The Triangle Podcast: Kevin Wildes’s Half-Baked Idea

HandballI’m so fired up for the Olympics that if you cut me I’d bleed red, white, and blue. My arm would look like a melted Bomb Pop. Wait a second, there’s a little green in there too. Yeah … sorry. That’s a streak of envy I’ve got now that I’ve realized I’m going to be buried with nary a gold medal to my name.

Lucky for me I’ve got a brand-new son who I can mold into an Olympic champion. In this “half-baked idea” podcast, I’ll try to figure out how easy it would be for him to win the gold medal in handball — a sport in which the U.S. doesn’t even compete. To help make sense of this idea, I’m talking to two experts. Author, writer, and handball aficionado Stefan Fatsis and the guy who quit his job to log 10,000 hours in hopes of becoming a professional golfer — Dan McLaughlin.

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