The Trenches NFL Podcast: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam

Ray LewisEphraim and I started off this week’s show by discussing the Eagles relieving defensive coordinator Juan Castillo of his duties and whether any of Ephraim’s old offensive line coaches ever could’ve made the move to the other side of the ball. That, of course, led to a conversation about competitive Uno, at which Ephraim is apparently very, very talented. From there, it was a talk about the possible end for Ray Lewis, the middle linebacker’s legacy in football and what’s set him apart during his historic 17-year career. Finally, we got to a topic whose absence from previous podcasts is pretty embarrassing on my part: the best linemen gifts Ephraim has ever received. Let’s just say you never want Clinton Portis as your secret Santa.

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The Trenches: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam
The Trenches: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam

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